Who Was This Saint Nicholas?


“Nicholas was born in the 3rd century in Asia Minor. He used his entire inheritance to help the poor, sick, and children in need. He gave in secret, expecting nothing in return. He attended the Council of Nicea in AD 325. Greatly loved for his faith, compassion, and care, he is venerated in both East and West.”

Last Thursday was the feast of Saint Nicholas. I have to confess that much of what I know about Saint Nick has been shaped more by popular culture than church history. So, I spent a little time reading up on Nicholas and found a much different story than the jolly fat man who comes down the tree (or hangs out in malls waiting to endorse all the children’s materialistic dreams).

Perhaps my favorite piece on Saint Nick is from Pete Enns: "St. Nicholas Was an Absolute Beast.” Take a look at his post. It’s just a three minute read and well worth your time.