Ash Wednesday Reflection

Ash Wednesday had me reflecting on our mortality. They say the two things in life that are certain: death and taxes. While we can find ways to cheat the taxman, death, inevitably finds us all.

As the Grim Reaper said in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “You can be king or a street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the reaper.”

The English poet Thomas Gray echoes the same sentiment, “The boast of herald, the pomp of power, and all that beauty, all that wealth ever gave, await alike the inevitable hour, the paths to glory lead but to the grave.”

Or, as a neighbor told me when I was young, “You aren’t getting out of this world alive.”

Is death the final word? Is death the last and eternal conclusion? The deeper we dig into the reality of death, the more utterly incredible resurrection may seem to be.

Could death actually be put to death?

Gino CurcurutoComment