Welcome to The Table.

As a network of people from various neighborhoods in Philadelphia, we celebrate the joys our city has to offer. Additionally, we recognize the incredible challenges around us as well as within each of our lives. It's into this reality of both joy and suffering we are sent to discover how to follow God in this city. As followers of Jesus, we are learning what it looks like to walk in his ways here in Philadelphia. It's a path of faith, hope, and love. We don't claim to do it perfectly but we commit to doing it openly and with one another.

This path, this way, often involves shared meals, discussions about what we see in the ancient truths of the scriptures, prayer, and serving others. In many ways, it's being the family of God in the normal rhythms of our lives.

We see the church as God's family, living in light of the hope of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection here and now. The Table Philadelphia is a collection of people who, by faith, live in light of this hope through intentional acts of love and service. If faith in Jesus is merely a hope for future joy, then life today, here and now in Philadelphia, has less meaning. Perhaps there is another way. Consider this from scholar, N.T. Wright:

“As long as we see salvation in terms of going to heaven when we die, the main work of the church is bound to be seen in terms of saving souls for that future. But when we see salvation, as the New Testament sees it, in terms of God’s promised new heavens and new earth and of our promised resurrection to share in that new and gloriously embodied reality—what I have called life after life after death—then the main work of the church here and now demands to be rethought in consequence.”

Perhaps the main work of the church here and now is to live a life of faith, hope, and love for our joy, the good of our neighbors, and the glory of God. The Table Philadelphia is a collection of people learning together to do just that. We gather in different ways and equip one another to live lives of faith, hope, and love within the everyday.

Interested in learning with us? Give us a shout or join us at a gathering.

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