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What is Love Anyway? (5/5)

The One Way Love of God

From the beginning, God has loved and created us without needing something from us in return. His love truly is the very example of what (in this series) we’ve been calling one way love. A love that is extended from one direction (God) to another (us) without regard for what comes back.

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What is Love Anyway? (4/5)

In this brief series, I’ve said that love finds its root in a Person, not merely a feeling. Through faith in this Person, Jesus, we are free to focus less on ourselves and to love others without seeking our own way -- our desired outcome from loving someone. This kind of love can seem dangerous, reckless even. It's also true, I admit, that outcome-based love is dangerous, but the danger is doubled; our love may always be rejected, but in the case of outcome-based love, we also run the risk of having our expectations dashed.

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Gino Curcuruto
What is Love Anyway (3/5)?

Who We are and How We Love

Perhaps one of the most mysterious things about Jesus is that He never forces anyone to do anything. As God in flesh, He is the embodiment of the one way love of God. He never insisted on His own way, yet loved without reserve. He loved even unto His own death -- loving those who falsely accused Him, beat Him, and ultimately put Him to a gruesome death on the cross.

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What is Love Anyway? (2/5)

As human beings, made in the image of God, we all have inherent value and worth. In a sense, we are all lovable. Yet, the conversation about love starts before us (otherwise it rests on us to determine what is or isn’t love). God, the Creator of all things, is the source of love. God is love. (1 John 4:8) His character and nature is love. He loves us primarily because love is a reflection of who He is, not because of how loveable we are or aren’t.

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"Free Beer for Quitters!"

For the first time in my life, I ran the Broad Street 10 Miler earlier this month. Countless numbers of people lined the sidewalks giving out high fives and cheering on the 40,000 runners as we passed by. Experiencing our city come together like that was amazing. And the signs! Many people made signs to encourage us saying things like, "You Got This!" or "Pain Now, Brunch Later." But the sign that was most memorable to me came in the last three miles of the race.

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