How we live.

We are a people tending to God’s presence in ordinary life together, participating with Jesus in the renewal of our city by living into spirit-empowered practices.


We are a people tending to God’s presence in ordinary life together. We seek to tend to God's presence and be present with others.


We participate with Jesus in the renewal of our city. We do not make things happen, rather we join into the work that Jesus already started.

The work of the Church is to be the church, to participate with the God who is already at work in our world.


We are formed into life together through shared practices, shaping our communities as a witness to the kingdom of God in Philadelphia and beyond.

The practices of gathering around tables, prayer, celebrating, reconciling, and seeking the peace and welfare of our neighbors.

How We Gather

Table Communities

The Table Philadelphia is a church made up of smaller, localized communities of people gathered around Jesus. We refer to these groups of people sharing life together as a Table Community. The name Table Community reflects our emphasis on the practice of presence around tables. We are present with God and with each other. We listen, share stories, pray, laugh, cry, sing, and love over a common meal. And even more, we seek to extend this welcome to others in our neighborhoods.